A new interactive exposition of audiovisual art in Prague

Interactive video projection - mirror labyrinth - videomapping - 3d projection - kaleidoscopic cinema - led mapping

LUMIA is an imaginary story of light and a guide of your imagination. However, forget about the perception of the world as you know it. When the door on the second floor of the historic building in Celetná 15 closes behind you, your senses will get slightly confused.

Join us on the way through a labyrinth of light installations and become a part of modern audiovisual art. Come and play with the light!

This exhibition features temporary works of art created with help of the latest imaging technology. You will see and experience it in the first place! Technologies like 3D projection, videomapping, LED mapping, or interactive videoprojection can completely draw viewers into the artwork and give them the opportunity to influence its appearance by their sheer presence.

The exhibition is suitable for general public, adults and children, individuals with passion for modern technologies and those, who haven´t lost their inner child and are not afraid to use their imagination.

Warning: Not suitable for people sensitive to light and those with photosensitive epilepsy.

An interactive exhibition of digital art/A digital art exhibition

The interactive exposition of digital art takes up the whole area of the second floor of the historical building in Celetná 15 in Prague. This fact has pinned a new important point of cultural and artistic life on the town plan.

This is a unique and first of its kind permanent exposition of digital art in Prague and the Czech Republic whatsoever. “We are trying to create a living space that will be continuously altered. In terms of contents and invited artists as well. In the future, we would like to offer also young people from art schools to introduce here their projects.“ says Filip Feex.

Lumia interactive exhibition

Other new video installation contents, or for example statues animated by videomapping and much more is planned for visitors to experience.

Have we caught your attention? Well, come see yourself! You will find all information about opening hours and admission here.

Are you curious? Come!

Come! Information about opening hours and admission fees can be found here



LUMIA exhibition is a result of collaboration of several artists connected by relationship to modern technologies and vibrant audiovisual art, as well as by several significant years on Czech and foreign art scene. The concept of the interactive and audiovisual exhibition came into being 10 years ago in the head of Filip Kočík, a photographer, artist and producer, who has been known in the world of art under his nickname Feex. He has engaged other artists and designers, and realised this project of “light imagination“. Other artists engaged in the LUMIA project with Filip Kočík are Ati Sphere, a digital artist, Michal Škorpík, a VJ and videoartist, Jakub Chocholoušek, a sculptor and Slavomír Hrdina, a light engineer.

created by: Ati Sphere is a digital artist and an art director with focus on interactive installations and videomapping productions. Along with other visual artists, he has spent last 10 years creating videomapping installations that can be seen all around Europe. He uses projector lights to transform static architecture into a vibrant game of light and shapes. Together with his Cirque Garuda group, he creates performances which combine interactive projections with dance and acrobatics in the form of Contemporary Circus.

Information about opening hours and entrance fees:

Our gallery is fully wheelchair accessible, ensuring accessibility for all visitors regardless of their physical abilities or limitations.

Warning: not suitable for people with photosensitivity and photosensitive epilepsy.